IGL Trials

IGL is undertaking and supporting a number of randomised trials globally.

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Does the existence of a “business library”, which provides human capital training, physical capital and market linkages enable very small enterprises to innovate, flourish and grow? What combinations and intensities of services are necessary to maximize enterprise innovation and growth?

Does the participation in co-innovation training activities positively influence academic researchers’ and industry participants’ intentions to engage in university-industry co-innovation projects? How do intentions translate into direct engagement in university-industry co-innovation project

The High Impact Entrepreneurship Program aims to provide support to Mexican SMEs through a matching grant scheme to support their development and increase their capabilities to succeed.

Is it possible or desirable to charge a positive price for entrepreneurship programmes?

Is it possible to design and conduct a randomised control trial of one of the business support services delivered by the Greater Manchester Business Growth Hub?

To what extent does commitment and reporting to others affect entrepreneurial outcomes?

Research confirms that business coaching is core to most incubation and acceleration programmes. Business coaching combines aspects of teaching, training, mentoring, and consulting and creates a general support approach for early-stage technology ventures.


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